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"D"Type Control, Web-based and Wireless CCTV System
 "D"Type Control CCTV System

MCBS has installed a CCTV system based on "D" type telemetry control system at the Ahmedabad Electricity Company, Ahmedabad. This is being used for security and plant monitoring. This consists of weatherproof camera assembly with Motorized zoom lenses, pan & tilt, "D" type telemetry control system and display equipment. This system is operational since last six years without any breakdown.

Cyber TeleEye is a full-features web-based video monitoring software that adds live
video streams into a web site. The users have to only click on the website to see the live video from any of our proprietary viewing programs:

CyberVIEW Jr, CyberVIEW or on the web

  • Seamless video refreshing upto 30 fps on broadband Internet access
  • High quality picture with resolution up to 640 x 480 pixels.
  • Digital Video recording
  • Alarm-triggered video recording
  • Pre & post-alarm video recording
  • Compatible with 3rd party telemetry

TeleEye III on the Internet
Cyber TeleEye consists of TeleEye III video transmission unit, CuberSERVE,
CyberVIEW jr and CyberVIEW programs. CyberSERVE receives compressed digital video streams from the remote TeleEye III video transmission unit and uploads the video to the Internet.

Just clock on the map, seamless video of image refreshing up to 30 fps is displayed via broadband Internet access,You may also manipulate cameras and record videos with CyberVIEW.
CyberVIEW Jr
You may manipulate cameras and view the seamless video from different cameras with CyberVIEW Jr simultaneously, by simply clicking on the floor pan in your web page.
Standard Browser
Live video can be embedded into your web page and can be viewed directly using any standard browser.

Wireless Equipments
 Benefits of Wireless Video
  • Cost Savings: By eliminating the need for costly labour and materials to install cable.
  • Immediate installation: Premier wireless products are available off the shelf and can be installed in minutes
  • Flexibility: A wireless link can be disconnected and re-installed at a new location within minutes.
  • Mobility: A wireless video system attached to a camera provides complete freedom to go wherever the action is.

Product Features

The premier systems offer the video
professionals & the most comprehensive set of product features available today.
These include:

  • Full Motion Colour Video and Audio
  • Up to Four user Selectable Channels
  • Audio Impedance and Gain Controls
  • Many Antenna Options for Different Applications
  • Longer Range than any Competitive


  • CCTV, Security and Surveillance
  • ENG and Live Sporting Events
  • Video Conferencing and Distance Learning
  • State and Local Law Enforcement
  • Video Assist & Steadicam Operators
  • Wireless Camera Applications
  • Video Distribution

  1. MCBS completes supplies & installation of CCTV system in 18 Jails of Gujarat.
  2. MCBS completes supplies & installation of Fibre Optic System to ITR (Defense organization)
  3. MCBS completes supplies & installation of CCTV project for Master Control Facility (MCF)at Bhopal for ISRO.
Network Camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom
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