The Complete CCTV & Security Systems Solutions


x 480), MPEG-4/MJPEG Dual Streaming, 30FPS@All  Resolutions,Superior Low-light Performance, Two-way Audio,3GPP, (including Bracket,Adaptor) mensions:98mm x 58mm x 31mm(Ultra
1/3" Sharp CCD, 420 TVL, MPEG-4/MJPEG DualStreaming, 30 FPS@Full D1,Two-way Audio,(including Bracket,6mm F2.0 lens, Adaptor) 
MCF210A     MCF610A  
1/3" SONY CCD, High Resolution, 520TVL, MPEG-4/MJPEGDual Streaming, 30 FPS@Full D1, PoE Builted in, Two-wayAudio, 1 alarm in / 1 alarm out.(including 3.5 - 9 mm F1.2 lens, Adaptor)   1/3" SHARP CCD, 420TVL, MPEG-4/MJStreaming, 30 FPS@Full D1, Two-way Audio, PEG Dual(including 6mm F1.8 board lens, Adaptor) IR board lens,Cable Management Type Bracket) 260 
MCD611E     MCV111T  
1/3" SONY CCD, High Resolution, 520 TVL, MPEG-4/MJPEG Dual Streaming, 30 FPS@Full D1, SmallerHousing, PoE Builted in, Two-way Audio, 1 alarm in / 1alarm out,Camera housing only: 7.3cm x 5.58cm x 4.98cm(including Bracket, 6mm F2.0 lens, Adaptor)   MPEG-4/MJPEG Compression format with 1 analog videoinput, 30 FPS@Full D1,1port RS485, PoE Built in, Two-wayAudio, 1/1 Alarm in/out,      
MCD610A     MC-510CF  
1/3" SONY CCD, High Resolution, 520TVL,MPEG-4/MJPEGDual Streaming,30 FPS@Full D1, PoE Built in, 35M IRLED,Day/Night Function,Two-way Audio, (including 16mm, F1.6 IR board lens, Cable Management Type Bracket) 260      


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