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IFFCO-KALOL unit selects MCBS CCTV & Security System

Iffco Kalol unit cctv & security system

A complex CCTV system has been designed and supplied by MCBS for IFFCO's Kalol unit.

The system consists of Cameras, Zoom Lenses, Weatherproof housings & Pan/Tilt units. Infrared lamps have been used for night-vision in this project, as shown in Fig. 1. The Video signals as well as telemetry control signals travel over a single coaxial cable for distances more than 1000 metres.

MCBS has also supplied and installed heavy duty 20 meter high towers on which the camera assemblies are installed.

MCBS has been also designed and supplied similar system using Twisted pair Telemetry Control System to IFFCO's Aonla unit, Phulpur unit and Kandla Unit.


MCBS has successfully installed and commissioned a unique Integrated CCTV system called "TELEEYE" utilizing existing telephone network and computers. The system uses the telephone lines for transmission and reception of CCTV signals which can be viewed on a normal PC through a modem. It is important to note that various operations of Cameras, Lens and Pan/Tilt units can be controlled via the same PC through the telephone network. The distance between camera and PC is approximately 5 Kms.

Complex & large CCTV Projects for Defence & Rocket Launch Centre of SHAR (ISRO)

A large CCTV network for Defence
MCBS has supplied and installed equipment and sub-system for a large CCTV Network comprising: i. CCTV System ii. Fiber Optic Link iii. MPEG-2/DVB
iv. Digital Compression system v. Microwave Satellite
vi. Uplink and TV Studio for a Defence Project for a Missile Launch Centre

MCBS has also supplied state of the art CCTV equipments for many defence projects.

A Complex CCTV Project for Defence
The Fiber Optic Cable based CCTV System for Defence complex has been installed using the advanced technology available today. Broadcast grade 3-CCD colour camera and bayonet mount lenses are used for best quality video, weather proof to IP 66 housings as well as IP 68 Pan/Tilt unit for 100% weather protection of camera and lenses. In this system, we are using VISILYNX Matrix Control System to control all the functions of cameras, lenses, housings and Pan/Tilt units. Video signal and Telemetry control signals are transmitted using fiber optic video transmitter and data receiver at camera location and fiber optic video receiver data transmitter at the control room end. The video and control signals travel down the same multimode single fiber cable in different directions at different wavelengths.

There are 8 video distribution systems and these are used for distribution of video signals to VCR signal, Visilynx Control System as well as Video Patch Panels.

This system has 4 keyboards to control the entire system by 4 individual users.

MCBS has supplied several equipment and sub-systems for several CCTV projects for the rocket centre at Sriharikota, since 1985.


  1. MCBS completes supplies & installation of CCTV system in 18 Jails of Gujarat.
  2. MCBS completes supplies & installation of Fibre Optic System to ITR (Defense organization)
  3. MCBS completes supplies & installation of CCTV project for Master Control Facility (MCF) at Bhopal for ISRO.
Network Camera with Pan/Tilt/Zoom
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